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Handpicked in Somerset a selection of Somerset Luxury Hotels & Accommodation, Somerset Cottages, Somerset Restaurants, Exclusive Shops & Days Out

Handpicked in Somerset a selection of Somerset Luxury Hotels & Accommodation, Somerset Cottages, Somerset Restaurants, Exclusive Shops & Days Out
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Wookey Hole

Wookey Hole

Address: Wookey Hole Ltd, Wookey Hole, Wells, Somerset  BA5 1BB
Telephone: 01749 672243
Region: North Somerset - more
Somerset, in the South of England, is a land of mysteries. Here at Wookey Hole, where a river flows out of the underworld, pagan and Christian legends intermingle. Here, too are mysteries of man himself. How did the early cavemen, who inhabited these caves, really live from day to day? And what makes a modern diver explore the caverns beyond the sunlight? Even the earliest men who lived in the valley of Wookey Hole 50,000 years ago, hunting bear and rhinoceros with stone weapons, must have been in awe of the great caves for they had already existed for millions of years.

When, much later, the Celtic peoples of the Iron Age were moving into Britain, they found the caves a safe and even comfortable place to live - inside, the temperature is a constant 11° Celsius.
Yet by the 15th century only bones, broken pottery and legends remained.

Then, in 1914 the archaeologist Herbert Balch, having completed a two year excavation of the caves, published his findings, and the age of real exploration had begun...

When you visit Wookey Hole Caves your guide will relate the 50,000 year history of the caves as home to both humans and animals.

Archaeologists’ finds indicate man has lived in and around the caves for 50,000 years.
For people in ancient times, the caves at Wookey Hole were a safe and even comfortable place to live. They were dry, easy to defend, warm in winter and cool in summer. more

The Caves Today
Today the caves are home to different animals. Horseshoe bats hibernate in the caves during the winter and sleep there at other times of the year.
There are no fish but divers have seen frogs, eels and freshwater shrimps in the underground waters.
Insects such as moths and mosquitoes spend their winters in the caves.
They are food for the only creature that lives there all the year round more

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